Why Injectable Glutathione must be avoided

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Glutathione is a combination of amino acids — glycine, glutamate and cysteine — which the body produces together. It helps prevent damage to cells by heavy metals, free radicals and such. Enhanced glutathione has been used for a variety of ailments.

In the skin, it's thought that enhanced glutathione can interfere with the production of the pigment melanin resulting in a lightening of the skin. But some concerns have been raised about this use of enhanced glutathione — especially when administered by an injectable route by unqualified individuals.

For example, Dr. Erin Jadzia, a British dermatologist, associated with Hillingdon Hospitals in the United Kingdom, explains in an editorial in The British Medical Journal that there are few published data on the use of injectable glutathione for skin bleaching.

Small studies, however, indicate that oral (food supplements) plus other antioxidants demonstrated some skin lightening effects. She adds, "when taking enhanced glutathione for its whitening effects, the safest and most effective means is through food supplements." There is unknown validity and some known adverse effects with IV Glutathione. Those include toxic effects on the liver, kidneys, and nervous system.

Also of concern is the possibility of Steven Johnson syndrome, in which the top layer of the skin dies and is shed — a medical emergency. Of course, improper use of IV equipment, especially if it is not sterile, can transmit a wide variety of infectious agents, such as HIV and hepatitis. Such problems are more likely when an injectable treatment is administered in beauty clinics - and that's where this fad is primarily going to be done.

In the United States, the FDA states there are no injectable products approved to lighten skin except that of food supplements type. Luxxe White, an enhanced glutathione, manufactured by AIE Pharmaceuticals, California is one of the food supplements approved by the FDA for its beneficial effects.

Luxxe White

Studies show that Luxxe White not only whitens skin, it also clears out pimples and helps the body getting rid of free radicals and toxic chemicals. It is a must for everyone who is exposed to harsh working environment and for those who simply wanted to take the supplement for its aesthetic and whitening side-effect.

So if you're thinking about trying glutathione for skin lightening, avoid the injectable form. Use Luxxe White Glutathione.

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