Frontrow USA Advisory: Fake Luxxe Products in Ebay and Amazon

Posted by Debbie Zanoria on

The public is hereby warned on the proliferation of fake Luxxe White®, Luxxe Renew® and Luxxe Slim® in Ebay and Amazon sold at $39.95 to 40 per bottle. We have sampled an order and this is what we have found out--these counterfeits do mimic the appearance of Luxxe food supplements, but its actual contents are starch, egg powder, skim milk and some unknown powder.

While it may sound safe, one will never knew how toxic these perishable substances become when they started to downgrade. We are advising everyone to purchase only from authorised distributors or from this website.

Watch this whole video to find out if you are buying counterfeit Luxxe products.


In case you have bought fake Luxxe products online, kindly report to and we will have the matter investigated and/or acted upon by the federal authorities.

Be advised.


Frontrow USA




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  • Do you have a list of your Legit distributors here in US?

    Ma Mildrec Rutaquio on

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