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Frontrow USA Advisory: Fake Luxxe Products in Ebay and Amazon

The public is hereby warned on the proliferation of fake Luxxe White, Luxxe Renew and Luxxe Slim in Ebay and Amazon sold at $43 to 50 per bottle. We have sampled an order and this is what we have found out--these counterfeits do mimic the appearance of Luxxe food supplements, but its actual contents are starch, egg powder, skim milk and some unknown powder.

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15 Benefits Of Antioxidants – And How They Keep Us Healthy In A Polluted World

  This could be the most discussed topic in the field of health – no doubt. Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent several deadly diseases – they are the Supermen of your system. While some antioxidants are produced within the body, most of them must be obtained from a balanced diet. And that is what the scope of this post will be.Antioxidants protect the cells from damage caused by these free radicals. Hence, they are the watchful protectors. They guard our systems, day in and day out. Well, we will get to the details in a while. But before that, let’s take a glimpse at the different foods rich in antioxidants.What Are The Foods Rich In Antioxidants?The antioxidant content in...

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Why Injectable Glutathione must be avoided

Glutathione is a combination of amino acids — glycine, glutamate and cysteine — which the body produces together. It helps prevent damage to cells by heavy metals, free radicals and such. Enhanced glutathione has been used for a variety of ailments. In the skin, it's thought that an enhanced glutathione can interfere with the production of the pigment melanin resulting in a lightening of skin. But some concerns have been raised about this use of enhanced glutathione — especially when administered by an injectable route by unqualified individuals. For example, Dr. Erin Jadzia, a British dermatologist, associated with Hillingdon Hospitals in the United Kingdom, explains in an editorial in The British Medical Journal that there are few published data on...

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