Raymond Gutierrez and Solenn Heussaff Take Fitness To The Next Level With The Perfect Fitness Partner

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Sollen and Raymond for Luxxe Slim

The road to fitness sure isn’t easy, but once your fitness goals are attained nothing can beat the feeling of reaching this huge feat. All at once, you will look great, feel happy about yourself and be tremendously proud of what you have accomplished. A real-life testament to this would be Host and TV Personality Raymond Gutierrez who lost 65 lbs. in only 90 days!


“I feel more active, I feel that I can do so much more with my life and I wake up everyday feeling super excited about what I’m gonna do,” shared fitness inspiration Raymond Gutierrez who along with “It girl” Solenn Heussaf braves the most intense training programs on a regular basis. They enjoy working out together to push each other and make things more interesting, but admit they have a newfound “Perfect Fitness Partner” that joined their team of two. This partner which recently brought them to an even higher level of fitness is FRONTROW International’s LUXXE Slim, an all-natural slimming supplement (100% Made in U.S.A.) that converts stored fat into energy and improves muscle power.

 Sollen for Luxxe Slim

Fitness Idol Solenn observed that she is now even more energetic and surprisingly shred more inches off her (already trim) waist. Now let’s admit, that’s one part of our body that we don’t mind getting smaller and smaller! And that is exactly what LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract Supplement do – it amplifies the fat burning and muscle development process when combined with your fitness routine. This safe to use, the non-laxative slimming supplement also offers detoxifying and revitalizing benefits due to its significant Green Tea content.

Indeed, a breakthrough slimming product that calls for a huge celebration, LUXXE Slim and its new pair of perfectly fit believers – Raymond Gutierrez and Solenn Huessaff were officially launched at Valkyrie at the Palace on October 20, 2017. The star-studded celebration of fitness, hosted by blogger Nicole Andersson and Chino Lui Po, was also marked with surprise performances by James Reid (who performed tracks from his recent self-produced album) and Bret Jackson. We also saw Nadine Lustre, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Bianca Manalo, JM Rodriguez, Phoemela Baranda, Bubbles Paraiso, Mash-Up Princess Angelica Feliciano, Oliver Posadas and Owy Posadas of the Chicser, IC Mendoza, as well as Fabio Ide, rock their “athleisure” ensembles and party with the rest of FRONTROW that evening.

 Frontrow Official

“We truly believe that the way people see and feel about themselves can make a positive impact in their overall lives. It makes us proud to have a safe and effective slimming supplement in the roster of our products and our search for the best and highest quality health and beauty innovations will last for as long as we live,” shared FRONTROW Owners RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa.  Now we normally hear people say – Cheers to good health, but during “The Perfect Fitness Partner” things were done a little differently as we (literally) witnessed Champagne Showers to good health!


Make your fitness goals happen and find and a perfect fitness partner in LUXXE Slim by visiting www.luxxer.us or the FRONTROW store nearest you.

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